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Post Lockdown Baby Boom | Hypnobirthing in Peterborough

If you are lucky enough to be expecting a happy event following lockdown, no I’m not referring to the pubs, gym or Primark opening, I’m talking about you or your partner expecting a baby in 2021, have you considered hypnobirthing which has become increasingly popular?  Understandably as we have had to spend more time in the last year in our homes there is a baby boom expected. Problems can occur when Woman and their partners are inundated with negative stories around childbirth, this can cause unnecessary stress in pregnancy, research has shown that a calm pregnancy equals a calm birth.

Using a combination of deep breathing, relaxation and self-hypnosis which supports mother’s to be and their partners during pregnancy and labour to experience the journey and birth without fear.  Furthermore, the techniques used can be applied post-partum to help mum stay relaxed which is so helpful during the first months following the birth in what can be an overwhelming and emotional time; helping prevent depression following the birth.  I like to work with the birthing partner as much as possible so they can familiarise themselves with the techniques and have a good understanding of how they will benefit the mother.  With hypnotherapy visualisation is the key, it’s a safe space where a woman prepares and imagines the birth of their baby and what they would like to happen, a rehearsal in their mind to keep them positive and looking forward to the day when they will meet their baby.

Obviously, a natural pain and drug free birth is something that every woman wants for herself and her baby, hypnobirthing can make this experience beautiful and rewarding.

Additional benefits that have been reported by mums using the hypnobirthing technique include:

  • Deeper and more restful sleep both before and after the birth
  • Considerably shorter labour and birthing
  • Significantly fewer surgical births, with a higher number of comfortable, natural births with no technological assistance
  • A high rate of success in assisting breech-presented babies to turn into appropriate birthing position with the use of posture and hypnosis
  • Highly energized mums in good spirits following births that are calm and gentle

Once you have learned the techniques for this birth, you can then use them again and again, no matter how many children you have.

Hypnobirthing in Peterborough | Yellow Rose Hypno Baby-Birthing
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