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Child Orthotics

At the Fane Clinic we believe that it is never too early to have your child’s feet checked. With foot problems influenced from incorrect footwear or congenital and hereditary issues it is important to have your child’s feet assessed to prevent future complications.

Our Approach

During an assessment you child will have their feet, legs and posture checked for any abnormal problems, their gait (how they walk) will be closely monitored.

As a parent you may have some concerns as to how your child may be walking or running, their feet may point inwards (known as in-toeing) or the opposite pointing outwards (known as out-toeing) or they could be just tripping over more than expected. Another concern known as flat feet (excessively pronated) which means when weight bearing the foot collapses, these are all common problems which we can easily assist with.

You may in the past have been told that your child’s problem ‘will simply go away’ or ‘they will grow out of it’, we believe that they should be treated now to prevent any future complications.

We regularly receive referrals from Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, particularly those who deal with pediatric patients. Anxious parents frequently seek help and advice from the orthopedic surgeon having noticed a problem with their child. Maybe a general awkwardness when walking or at play. The child may complain of heel, knee or leg pains. The condition is typically a symptom of underlying foot imbalance. The consultant will reassure the child’s parents and advise referral to us for assessment.

We see children with or without referral from Consultants and G.P.s and our initial consultation is free of charge.

Our consultant will provide you with a professional opinion and depending on the outcome of the assessment orthotics insoles may be prescribed which will correct your child’s problem and encourage good posture as they grow.

We are one of the few Clinics with the technology to be able to scan children’s feet, the results of which are often remarkable. The child’s condition can dramatically improve and in some cases be pain free within a matter of days.

Due to the rapid growth which children go through we provide an aftercare service, in where we carry out regular checkups yearly.

Conditions we treat in children…

  • Growing Pains – The child will often wake during the night complaining of pains in the legs.
  • Heel Pain – Common in children between the ages of 8 years to early teens, usually during or after playing sport.
  • In-toeing – The child’s feet turn inwards resulting in tripping or stumbling as the toes catch on the other heel.
  • Out-toeing – An outwardly rotated foot or feet.
  • Knee Pain – Again common in children from 8 to early teens and often during or after sporting activities.
  • Flat Feet – Commonly seen in children and can cause aches and pains in the legs.
  • Knock Knees (Genu Valgum) – A common condition where the knees angle inwardly and touch when the legs are straightened.
  • Bow Legs (Genu Varum) – An outward bowing of the legs.
  • General aches, pains and clumsiness.

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