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Appointments & Prices

Find out more about our appointments, cost, and duration. We offer a money back guarantee for our orthotics – please see our terms and conditions for more details. Please note that 24 hours notice must be given for cancellations to avoid a full cancellation fee. We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards. Charges as of April 2019.

Total Foot Care

Single Full Treatment (First Appointment)£36.00
Up to 30 Mins
Single Full Treatment (Follow Up Appointments)£34.00Up to 30 Mins
Double Full Treatment (Follow on from first)£48.00Up to 45 Mins
Triple Full Treatment
(Follow on from first)
£72.00Up to 1 Hour
Single Home Visit Treatment£36.00Up to 30 Mins
Double Home Visit Full Treatment (Follow on from first)£50.00Up to 45 Mins
Verruca Initial Appointment£34.00Up to 30 Mins
Verruca Follow Up£34.00Up to 15 Mins
Single Home Visit (First Appointment)£37.00

Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation (Sports Therapy)

Initial Consultation£44.00Up to 1 Hour
Full Treatment (Follow-Up)£40.00Up to 45 Mins
Kinesiology Tape (Sports Tape)£24.00Up to 30 Mins
Kinesiology Tape (Re-application)£12.00Up to 15 Mins
Rehabilitation assisted by therapist£38.0030-60 Mins

Biomechanical Assessment & Prescription Orthtoics

Gait Analysis & Biomechanical AssessmentFREE of charge*

*£25 deposit required which is deducted from treatment, should the patient wish to go ahead.
45-60 Mins
Under 18's Orthotics£199.00 - £299.00 then up to 50% discount for additional pairs.-
Adult's Orthotics£449.00 for first pair then 60% off any for additional pairs.-
Orthotic Refurbishment£89.00-
Children's Check UpsFREE
Adult Annual Check UpsFREE for the first two years.


Deep Tissue & Remedial Therapy£40.0045 Mins
Reflexology£32.0045 Mins
Full Body Massage£50.0075 Mins
Hot Stone Back Massage (30 Mins)£32.0030 Mins
Hot Stone Full Body Massage (60 Mins)£47.0060 Mins
Lomi Lomi Massage£48.0060 Mins
Indian Head Massage£25.0030 Mins
Hopi Ear£27.0045 Mins

Aesthetics & Wellness

Skincare/ Treatment ConsultationFREE15 mins
B12 Injection SingleSingle: £40.00
Set of 5 Injections: £140.00
15 Mins
5 x 15 Mins
ClinicCare Chemical Peel£60.00Up to 45 Mins
Express Dermaplane£35.00Up to 45 Mins
ClinicCare Facial£36.00Up to 45 Mins
Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 1 Area£160.00Up to 30 Mins
Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 2 Area's£180.00Up to 30 Mins
Anti-Wrinkle Injections - 3 Area's£200.00Up to 30 Mins
Dermal Filler - Lips 0.5ml£140.00Up to 60 Mins
Dermal Filler - Lips 1ml£180.00Up to 60 Mins
Dermal Filler - Cheeks 1ml£180.00Up to 60 Mins
Dermal Filler - Marionette Lines/Smokers Lines 0.5ml£140.00Up to 45 Mins
Dermal Filler - Chin 1ml£180.00Up to 45 Mins
Micro-needling Session£70.00Up to 1 Hour

Minor Surgeries & Injection Therapies

TreatmentPrices From 
Initial Consultation for ALL Treatments Below£57.00
Toenail Surgery£450.00
Dry Needling for Verruca's£380.0073% Success Rate
Botulinum (Botox) for Hyperhidrosis (Sweaty Feet) £625.00
Botulinum (Botox) for Bunions £1400.00
Dermal Fillers for Feet£390.00
Steroid Injection£280.00
Class 4 Laser Therapy Session£95.00
Mesotherapy Biopuncture Therapy£300.00
Electrosurgery£475.00Includes one follow up
PRP Injection£450.00

Blood Tests

Standard Health Profile (Full Blood Count & BioChemistry Profile)£99
Advanced Health Profile (Full Blood Count, BioChemistry Profile, Thyroid Function Test & PSA Test for Men)£199
More blood tests/profile tests are available upon request. Please contact for more information.POA

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