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NEW! Happy Head Therapy in Peterborough

It has become clear that during these exceptional times a lot of us are suffering from what we can only describe as a grieving process, often feeling overwhelmed, sad, anxious, worried and uncertain about the future.  A lot of the things that kept us mentally well have been taken away such as visits with friends, a trip to the gym or cinema, a meal out, holidays etc; this understandably has left us feeling flat.  It was felt that we needed to offer therapy that was unique to these times, a space where people could have time to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions, in order to help process them.

We came up with the idea of telephone support as it is more affordable (we are aware that some of us may be experiencing finical pressure), it can also be easily slotted into a busy day.

To book please call 01733 571555 or email us on


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