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Biomechanical Assessment & Prescription Orthotics

With faulty foot function due to a variety of reasons including genetics, physical stress, injury, and even poor-fitting shoes, the misalignment of the joints within the foot results in an incorrect posture. The outcome of this faulty posture may lead on to other associated pain including heel, foot, ankle, knee, leg, back, shoulder and even neck pain.

Our Approach

As a biomechanical specialist a wide spectrum of diagnostic approaches are used, from Physio Therapy modalities to more medical based treatments. Employing the most up to date technology combined with many years of experience we can simply end years of suffering and get our patient’s mobile and pain free.

At The Fane Clinic we are specialists in muscular-skeletal problems and have a vast wealth of knowledge in providing treatments and solutions of heel, foot, ankle, knee, leg, back pain and many more complex problems particularly those associated with the foot.

In summary if you are suffering with ongoing pain in your feet, legs, knee, hip or back then we may be the answer.

We carry out a thorough Biomechanical analysis to assess your issues and problems. We ask you to wear shorts so that the consultant can see your feet and legs without obstruction. Upon booking an appointment you will be asked to bring with you a selection of everyday shoes and sports shoes so they can be checked for suitability and fitting. A full medical history will be taken as will details of your particular complaint. We will treat you as an individual not just a medical condition.

To begin our diagnosis, using our pressure plate we will take a 2D static Scan. This allows us to see the distribution of weight through your feet in a stationary position. Using Dartfish analysis software and cameras linked to a screen, you will then be shown and talked through your static posture paying particular attention to the foot and ankle complex. A detailed couch analysis will then be carried out by our practitioners where they will put relevant joints through ranges of movement and note any other abnormalities that maybe part of your problem.

After diagnosis if orthotics are to be prescribed we will then scan your feet in the position nature intended with our 3D cadcam scanner. This will capture and display the unique shape and structure of your feet in seconds. This unique scanned model is transmitted, along with your prescription, to our Gaitworx laboratory based in Newcastle, England. Here the 3D digital model is used to create your unique custom orthotics, which will fit you and your shoe.

Using Gaitworx and their patented shell materials results in a high quality, long lasting orthotic which provide you with years of comfort and support.

If we find that your condition is not associated with a foot imbalance, postural or a biomechanical abnormality our on site team of consultants are able to refer you to sports injury specialists, orthopaedic surgeons and G.P’s should you require further investigation.

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