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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for purchasing your orthotics and embarking on the treatment plan set out below.

As practitioners, we expect you to notice a marked improvement in your condition within 90 days of having your orthotics fitted.

Your orthotics are designed to alter the biomechanics of your foot and therefore gait, thus reducing mechanical stress on your body and making you more comfortable.

A chronic condition may take more time, and an adjustment in your prescription, which is why we have up to 3 alterations built into the cost of your treatment. The clinic will extend the guarantee period should it be deemed necessary.

Any consultation or up to three alterations to a custom orthotic is included in the purchase price in the period up to and including the 90th day after fitting. The clinic will on occasion insist on these alterations to achieve optimum results. Our 90-day money back guarantee starts again if the orthotic devices are altered. Any further alterations or consultations after the guarantee period are at the cost of the client. Compatible footwear must be worn in accordance with the practitioners’ advice.

To enable the Clinic to treat, manage and resolve biomechanical pain and discomfort, it is most important that treatment is only carried out by practitioners at the Clinic during the guarantee period, failure to do so will negate your guarantee.

Cost of Orthotics

Custom Laser Scanned Orthotics- All sizes – £167 – £449.

A Deposit per pair of orthotics will be required on ordering. Full payment is necessary upon fitting or collection of the devices.

The Fane Clinic Orthotic Guarantee

The shells of the orthotics are guaranteed for 10 years against breakage and loss of shape.

To enable us to offer this guarantee on the shell the manufacturer insists the top covers and postings are replaced every 24 months, currently £89 a pair.

It is the patient’s responsibility to have the orthotics refurbished in line with this guarantee. Failure to adhere will negate the guarantee on your shells. To assist in managing this we will see you FOC every 6 – 12 months if you are a child (under 19), and annually for the first 2 years if you are an adult. However, if a patient is outside of their 90-day guarantee and wishes to return to the clinic on their own accord for an appointment that has not been pre-agreed by a practitioner there will be a cost of £25 for this appointment.  If a patient misses an appointment without providing 24 hours of notice the price to rebook will be £25 as this will then be considered a new appointment outside of their scheduled visit.

Should the clinic be unable to alleviate the issues presented to your satisfaction then 70% of the total fees paid will be refunded to an account of your choosing via a bank transfer. Please note the 70% money back guarantee is only valid on the purchase of Adult Orthotics

Delivery Terms

The Clinic will do its utmost to have the orthotics ready within 3 weeks of receiving the deposit. On all occasions the patient will be required to return to the clinic to have the devices fitted.

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