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Work Experience at the Fane Clinic

The Fane Clinic was delighted to have Jessica join our team last week as part of her work experience. It’s always a pleasure to have bright young minds bring fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the table. Throughout her time here, Jessica has had the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of The Fane Clinic.

As part of her work experience, Jessica has documented her experiences. Her reflections below provide a glimpse into the daily workings of a healthcare facility. 

“On an average day of work experience I would turn up to work in the morning and set my stuff up. When Ady gets to work we would go through all the work that I covered yesterday, and he would check for any mistakes and help make improvements. Once we have gone through all of that he would also make a list of things for me to research over the day or tasks to do. I would also get to find out who I would be getting to shadow that day, every day is different as some of the practitioners don’t work every day and some might not have any cases that I would be able to sit in on. Throughout the day I would get on with the list of things that Ady had set me, some of these things included things from the business side of the clinic or research on some of the different conditions or injuries that I got to see in the clinic. Then throughout the day I would be able to sit in on different appointments in all different departments in the business, like orthotic fittings and dry cupping. Throughout my week in the clinic, I got to learn many things such as different techniques used to treat some injuries and I even got to observe some being done. I learnt many key words, name of muscles, and names of conditions. All of these things I will be able to take away and use throughout the courses that I am taking currently and that I will take in the future.”

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