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The Fane Clinic Supports Will Tidball on His Journey to Olympics in Paris 2024

We are very excited to be announcing that The Fane Clinic will be supporting Will Tidball in his cycling career and his aspirations to reach the next Olympics in Paris 2024. Will will be sharing his journey with us by writing monthly blogs and we are very humbled to be a part of it.

This month’s blog from Will Tidball:

Hi Everyone. My name is Will Tidball. I’m a 21 year old Cyclist and I currently ride for Team GB. I specialise in road like you see on the Tour De France along with track which you have probably seen at the Olympics. Recently The Fane Clinic have been kind enough to support me to reach my goal at the 2024 Olympic games in Paris. I will be doing a monthly “blog” so you can see what I am up to and follow my story.

Up until now I have been part of the U23 British cycling academy and raced in races such as The Tour De Yorkshire, U23 Giro D’italia along with European/World championships on the track. I have been a national champion several times and have been riding a bike for as long as I can remember.

I got into cycling as I used to want to be a Motocross rider. The local Motocross rider at the time told me to train for it on a push bike and since then to my parents’ relief I never ended up graduating to an Engine.

My goals for the future are to become Olympic Champion on the Track and then to Ride for a World Tour team (cyclings equivalent to the champions league) on the road and win the worlds biggest races.

Hope you enjoy following me on my journey.

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