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Will Tidball Visits The Fane Clinic For New Custom Prescription Orthotics

Like I said in my previous blog I raced the Tour Of Britain 13000km in just 8 days. This takes a lot out of the body and pushes it to its limits. Not only the super long race but dealing with crashes heat and rain. It was in the heat I had started to suffer with pressure build up in my feet. Having spoken to Ady after this stage I arranged to come to the clinic and try and get to the bottom of it.

During my appointment I learnt so much about your feet and how important they are. I also learnt I have 2 completely different feet! Ady examined how I move and also how I stand. The 3D scanner scanned my feet and from that they have a template to hopefully make some insoles/orthotics that release the pressure I have been feeling enabling me to perform at my best on the bike. I really enjoyed seeing how everything works and would recommend anyone to go and get checked out. A lot of problems start at the feet and it was so interesting to learn about my body!

Will Tidball

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