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Do Orthotics Really Work? An Account from a Professional Athlete

At The Fane Clinic, we have helped thousands of patients over the years with our Orthotics, but do they really work?

Here is an account given by a patient of ours, Cameron Heald, who came to see us following injury in his professional sporting career.

“I went to see Ady at the Fane Clinic after having consistent overuse injuries in my calves and knees. After thorough gait analysis and various biomechanical assessments, Ady concluded that it was an issue with my feet and therefore alignment causing these flare ups.

The process of fitting my bespoke orthotics was extremely thorough and the results have been exceptional. I have had no further overuse injuries in the last 18 months and have been able to push my body further than before, performing at the highest level of English Hockey and winning the National Championship.

The orthotics fit easily in all of my shoes, casual, work and sport, and I don’t leave the house without them. They are very comfortable and durable. I would definitely recommend the whole process as it has helped me massively within my sport and in day to day life.”

Here is some information about our Orthotics:

Sports Orthotics

Children’s Orthotics

Everyday Orthotics


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