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Kinesiology Tape

Here at The Fane Clinic we are able to offer kinesiology tape for our patients as part of their treatment or for those of you wishing for a one-off application.

This brightly coloured tape is a common sight at all major sporting events from the Olympic games to Wimbledon but holds many benefits from injury rehabilitation to postural imbalance awareness.

Kinesiology tape was invented in the 1970s by a Japanese chiropractor, Dr Kenzo Kase. The fabric is constructed as such it provides dynamic support while sitting comfortably on the skin. Made from organic cotton and nylon (latex-free) it provides 150-180% unilateral stretch without losing shape. The glue formula is a combination of Acrylate Line and Ethyl Acetate it is hypoallergenic and leaves minimal residue on the skin. Designed especially for athletes it can last through multiple washes and intense exercise due to the wave pattern, which is more pronounced allowing greater response, adhesion, breathability and less irritation.

Millions of people worldwide use this tape for its popular clinical effectiveness in reducing pain and enhancing performance. As for the scientific evidence none has been proven yet. With this in mind however it is not just a placebo but exactly how it works is still under investigation.

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